Yesterday I went to volunteer at the Deaf Advocacy Center. My brother was supposed to drop me off at Jessica’s house, but we took a wrong turn and found a house with the same number as hers. When I knocked on the door and saw the lady, I thought to myself, She doesn’t look Chinese!. She told me it was the wrong house. It turns out Jessica’s house was on the other side. But what were the chances that there would be two houses with the same address number in the same neighborhood? One wrong turn and you could be totally confused.

So anyway, Jessica’s dad took us to the center and he found it pretty easily. I helped clean computer moniters and keyboards…they were extremely dusty and old. I think all of the fumes from the cleaning solutions killed some brain cells, lol. Then afterwards I sat down with Jess and Abby and wrote a gazillion addresses on envelopes. Around 12 PM Jessica called her mom to pick us up and it took almost an hour! Her mom apparently gets lost a lot, and the directions weren’t very clear…so it took an hour for her to finally find us. While in the car, Jessica’s mom was scolding her for not writing clearer directions and for getting snappy on the phone. After a while, I thought to myself, Wait, why am I understanding this conversation? Shouldn’t this be in Chinese? since her mom was talking to Vietnamese. Technically Jessica knows Vietnamese, Chinese, English, and Spanish, but she is only fluent in English.

Today I went to the movies with Marty to see “Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End”. We waited in line for about an hour for the movie since it’s barely the third day out, but it didn’t seem that long. The movie was pretty long, though. It was about 2hr and 30 min, the credits were about 10 minutes and then there was a short clip at the end which pretty much tied everything together. I’m not a hard-core Pirates fan, so I didn’t think it was that great. I think all of the movies are nice to watch and overall the movies are ok. Nothing that would change my life or make me squeal like a little school girl!

I thought we were going to go home afterwards, but he asked me if I was hungry and we went out to eat. I only had 5 bucks so he paid for the rest… It was a huge 14″ pizza. I suggested the 9″ one, but he said he was pretty hungry and could eat an entire pizza by himself so I reluctantly okay’ed the larger pizza. Haha, it turns out the pizza was too much for just the two of us. I ate three pieces, and he had like 5. Haha. Yeah, I haven’t eaten since then and I’m still pretty full!

It was such a coincidence too! While we were eating, the song “I Don’t Want to Miss a Thing” was playing. It’s the same song that played at Winter Formal, where we shared our first slow dance together. That was really sweet, it made me smile. Winter Formal was the best time I had in a long while… It was when I was totally head over heels for him. I remember feeling so happy.

After we were stuffed with pizza we walked home together. It’s always a much shorter distance when you’re walking with someone pleasant.