I noticed that every time someone has to go into my room (and I do not know if it’s sparkly-clean), one thing pops up into my head: Do I have any underwear lying around? lol :lol: I can’t be the only person that undresses in the comfort of their room and throws their clothes on the floor! It’s all fine and dandy, until someone is going into your room and you realize it may still be there :P It’s rather embarrassing. Generally speaking, I’m talking about my brother or dad stepping in my room. As for friends, I usually forbid them to see my room unless I check it for safety first :P

That was kind of random. But anyway! At school we’re doing a practice college application for UCs. Even though it’s a practice one, we’re still going to send it in to an admissions person to get feedback AND it’s for a grade. The first part is kind of neat. The second part is just stressful, lol. It’s also a wake-up call; college is just around the corner for me. I just hope all of this sweat and blood will pay off and I hope somehow, someway, I will be happy. -crosses fingers-

Speaking of stressful, I’ve got a huge end of the year project for history and I’m not happy with my group. Technically my group is just Angela and me. And Angela just seems to have a really hard time focusing and doing her work… I think I need to talk to her, or ask if I can work by myself or ask to see if we can join with a group from another class.

In yearbook we’re doing this stupid skit. That’s right. A skit in yearbook class. When this one girl asked Mrs. Jordan what it had to do with yearbook, she said, “Well the yearbook is done so we’re on to the next step.” -car screech- Hold it right there. “Next step.” What the HELL is the next step? And what does doing a skit on “honesty” have to do with yearbook? We all seemed to have that question buzzing in our heads, and someone even voiced it, but Mrs. Jordan didn’t answer. This is extremely stupid. I’m definitely not taking this class again next year. w00t choir.