I think I’ve figured out the source of my procrastination. Subconsciously, I probably knew this, but I didn’t really realize it until now.

I think the reason for my procrastination is because my homework is too hard or tedious or both.

Lol! Seems simple enough, but I never really thought about it.

I’m almost done with my Spanish notes and it’s not even 8 PM (which is weird because I don’t even think about touching my homework until much much later). I mean, Spanish homework has never really been too difficult. He gives us easy stuff (and I’m thankful). But Spanish is practically the only class I have that gives breezy homework. All of my other classes give extremely long and difficult homework.

I think this is what’s going through my brain:

“Hmm. I have a lot of homework today. Ehhhh… I don’t feel like it. Maybe I’ll just relax for a little bit before I get started.”

-starts playing around on the computer-

“Oh no, just look at the time!”

-Hours have passed-

“Ehh… I hate doing this.”

-Delays doing it some more-

-Falls asleep-

-Wakes up-

“AHHHH, I only have a few hours left!”

-Rushes through homework-

But if it was easy homework this is what goes through my mind:

“Ha, easy homework. I’ll just do it right now.”

-Does it and finishes-

I think my brain works backwards. Why won’t it work the way I want it to! :mad: