Well, I have about two and a half weeks left of school but the “fun” has not ended! I’ve got portfolios due, practice applications due, practice essays due, a huge DBQ project for APUSH, a big qualitative analysis lab for chem, a skit for yearbook, two quizzes and a final for math, and a big final for spanish. Ewwwwwww.

Tomorrow I’m taking my SAT Subject tests. Luckily it’ll take three hours tops for my tests, Chem and History, but because I registered so late I have to go to a school at least half an hour away that I have never heard of in my life. It sucks. I wanted to go find the school today so tomorrow we wouldn’t have to wake up so early to go hunting for it, but my brother was stubborn as always and tried to wiggle his way out of it. So we didn’t go, and I’m still pissed off, but oh well. I’m doing some last minute reviewing (a few practice questions, reading summed up info, and hopefully going over stuff I still need some help with).

I’m pretty upset over my huge DBQ project for APUSH. It’s a huge project…500 points that will probably pull my grade up to an A or bring it down to a C maybe??? The only person in my group is Angela. It’s a lonesome Angela and myself. And I feel like it’s just the “myself” part. She hasn’t even thought about the project…we’ve had all week in class to work in the computer lab but each time she always got distracted by looking at random stuff online! It pisses me off to no end, and she knows it. What? Does she think I’m going to let last time happen again, where she’ll come to me the last minute, say “Oh! I probably need to go to your house to work on it huh?” and then end up being of no help while I finish the entire project by myself? I am not letting that happen again.

I need to talk to her this weekend. She either needs to shape up or I will do the entire project by myself. My friend was shocked when I proposed this idea because the project is rather large for just one person and most groups consist of FOUR people, but I can see already that Angela won’t be much of a help anyway. I’m just really, really pissed off over this situation because she really needs to grow up and start taking responsibility. It’s not just my grade, it’s her grade too. And if she’s not going to help work for a good grade, I think we need to work separately. I’m sick of always being the one to finish an entire project by myself while the others leech onto my grade.