I took my SATs on Sat.! Ha ha.

Well, I survived, but not without quirks of course.

So my test location was about 30 minutes away because I registered so late, but it wasn’t as bad as I thought because my brother found it pretty easily. I ended up waking up at 5 AM to do some quick reviewing (yes, it DID help. I remember seeing stuff I read on the test again.) and got ready and we left at 6:45 AM. So I got there, and the entrance seemed to be locked. We walked around and another girl asked me if I was taking the SAT and joined us in our quest—finding the test area. Found it pretty easily…students were already lined up. Good thing I got there pretty early…my brother said after I went in the line was mega long.

It was interesting to see the students’ ethnicities. At my school there is an influx of Hispanics and Asians. At the school that was my test center however, the majority was white and black. A lot of people seemed nice and friendly (But that’s just judging from first impression). The school was extremely nice. It was the first time I saw a high school like that: you had to use a crosswalk and cross the street in order to get to the bungalows (which was where the test center was). The central buildings were really large and they had a huge sports field.

My proctor took forever to begin. Okay, okay. Not forever, but we started fifteen minutes later than planned, lol. It was a lucky thing for some people though because they came in just before we began testing.

I started off with US History first because everything was still fresh in my mind and I felt sort of confident. It was okay… Hopefully I got a decent score at *least*. After the first test we got a five minute break. I didn’t know anyone so I ate some of my granola bar and went to the bathroom. Then I went in for the kill: chemistry. Geesh! It was mega hard… it was a disaster, lol. I think I left practically all of the stoichiometry problems blank. And I absolutely *detest* the section where they give you “A. ——– BECAUSE B. ——-” and you have to say if A is true or false, if B is true or false, and if B correctly explains A. It was horrible! I can only pray I got a decent score…

So after the test was over, I thought to myself, Yesss! It’s over! I called my brother to see where he was (he decided to hang around so he wouldn’t have to drive back and forth since it was too far). And just we I thought I was free, he informed me that the car was dead. Dead! Apparently he accidentally left the car lights on the entire two hours while he waited in the car and the battery died… So we needed to jump start the car, but the parking spot next to our car was taken, so we decided to wait for the owner to come back and leave. I guessed that it was a student’s car, and that he would probably come out in at least in an hour because each subject test takes about an hour. Well, he finally came, and we called for my dad to come with his car to jump start our truck. Well, he came alright. He came about an hour and a half later!!! Ugh. It only takes 30 mins MAX to go from home to the school. Don’t know what he was doing. But I practically walked around and sat on the grass for at least two hours.

I was still really mad at my brother for not changing my test location in the first place, and for being slightly stupid for leaving the car lights on, and at my dad taking forever to get to us. So he took me out to eat for a late lunch, and it worked, lol. I was in a better mood afterwards.

Wow. To think at first I was afraid of going to a new school half an hour away. Instead, that wasn’t a problem, but the car sure was. Ha.