I’m sick again! Joy! This school year I’ve been sick more than any other year. Usually I’m amazed by my immune system because I rarely get sick, and when I do it’s just a sniffly nose. This year I guess it was finally time for my immune system to give way!

Yesterday I was felt *perfectly* fine. Until it I got home and it was 4 PM. That’s when it started. My eyes were flooded with tears, my head was pounding, my nose was constantly running, and my nose had this pounding pressure on it. I was like “eh?” because it came to me so suddenly. So then I sat around and hoped for it to pass just as quickly as it came. But it didn’t. My mom fed me dinner, and I didn’t really care what she fed me because I couldn’t taste a thing. After eating, I went to lie down around 7 PM and I didn’t wake up until the next morning around 6:40 AM. Even then, though, I was still feeling really tired and weak. I decided to get up for school though, because we’re doing a huge experiment in AP Chem and every day counts.

After Chem, I was thinking, “Ughhh, I feel really bad.” I asked around and all of my friends told me they were never sent home when they went to the nurse because they didn’t have a fever. So I was thinking, “Noo!” I decided to go to the nurse anyway and I was prepared to be angry when she would tell me I can’t be sent home without a fever. But to my surprise, the nurse took out the thermometer out of my mouth, telling me that I was “cooking.” I was over a hundred degrees, so she called my mom and I got to go home.

The minute I came home around 11 something, I went to lie down and I didn’t wake up until now. Man, my body must be fighting away because I’ve been feeling so tired. I’ve had more sleep than ever.

Not only did I feel miserable today, I totally lost my mind. Since I slept so much last night I didn’t have any time to do my homework and this morning I was in such a rush, I forgot to take my essay for English. So I guess being sent home was a really good thing.

I feel better already though…must be all that sleep. Yay!