My dad just showed me a video of like two of my birthdays (around 1994)! It’s really nice to watch these things after more than a decade has passed.

Here are some highlights:

– Family and friends singing “Happy Birthday” to me in fobish accents
– Me extremely shy, and camera-shy too
– Me with my whiny and cry-baby voice when I did talk
– My cousins and old friends looking soooo young
– My brother looking extremely tan and cute
– The obvious fact that I prefered toys over clothing
– I could not open presents for the life of me — I’m not sure if I didn’t know how or if I just didn’t want to ruin the wrapping (probably both)
– Me telling my mother I was excited (and she would copy me and say “I am so exciting” in her fobish grammar :) )
– All of us youngin’s had little kid voices, aww