It’s only the second day of helping out with the little boy scouts, but it feels like it’s been more than that. I feel tired and extremely burnt out. Basically little boys around five years old and up (we call them “Cub Scouts”) come for five days, are organized into “Dens,” and all day they rotate activities. There’s archery, wilderness education, Tai Chi, tool workshop, and arts and games. I was hoping I could help out at a station, but being one of the older “Youth Volunteers,” Lindy, Thuy, and I had to be put into Dens to help out with the kids. It’s not so bad if you get the tiny boys; they are sooo cute. And it’s even better if I get to be in the same rotation with Lindy or Thuy. I’m not sure if I’ll be so lucky tomorrow, but here’s hoping.

Haha, I’m hoping I won’t get sunburnt either, but I’ll be really surprised if I end up completely sunburnt-free since it’s practically at least 25 hours in the sun. When this week is over I’ll have 40 hours of community service done, which is a big help, since I am behind on mine.

The little boys are so much cuter. For the most part they’re cuter and more fun. Most of the older boys are “big men” and have cold hearts, lol. It’s sad when you say “Hello” to one and all you get back is an evil, piercing glare.

Two of the smallest boys are “buddies” (they all have a buddy and can’t go anywhere without the other) and they are a-d-o-r-a-b-l-e. Sometimes they hold hands when we ask them to buddy-up. So cute. There’s another little boy that always seems to be lost and confused (he’s probably the youngest of them all). A lot of the time I see his group going one way and he’ll be walking backwards taking a look at something. There’s another boy with barely any teeth and cute “emo” glasses (those thick-rimmed, plastic glasses I love).

I remember in the past I’ve told myself and others that I probably would not have any kids. Now I’m undecided, but after seeing how cute they can be (and how DEVILish and EVILish they can be) who knows.