Today was my last day helping with the day camp and we started later and ended later. When we first got there we had to help unload and everything. I picked up heavy tables, yay! Then we walked all the way to archery, which is located the farthest from camp, for our little “party” for youth volunteers. Soon enough, we had to walk all the way back to start helping out with the Dens again. Ironically, our first station was archery. So we walked all the way to there and back again. Yay exercise.

So that week of volunteering for the little Cub Scouts changed my opinion of kids a little bit. Before this I hated kids, no doubt about it.

My opinion is mostly based on one little boy though. He was a-d-o-r-a-b-l-e. He was one of the youngest there, I think, and told me he was six and a half years old. I always thought he was cute from the beginning, but he got even cuter! lol. So one of the activities we did one day was building bird houses. That’s right, bird houses with real hammers and nails and wood pieces for children 7 and under?! It was a nightmare, because I’m 17 and I never even built anything with a hammer and nails before. There was Christian, a tiny little boy that said “Can someone help me?” since he didn’t even get started, so I went to him. After trying to figure out which way it went (can’t you just picture a confuzzled me trying to figure out which way the bird house pieces go?!) I held the nail and started it off for him (I was afraid he’d replace my finger for the nail). It was a long and difficult process… I couldn’t get the nails in the right spots (it was always too close to the edge, making it stick out) and he couldn’t hammer it straight (I guess it’s pretty hard when you’re a six year old and have to hold a huge hammer). After a while he said, “Can we get someone that actually knows how to do it?” OUCH! I told him he hurt my feelings, lol. But after talking to Thuy and Lindy, I learned that he was really sweet about it (other boys went complaining endlessly and used fingers for nails instead). Eventually we started to get it down though. Not fast enough to finish before it was over, but they all got to take them home to finish.

The next day when he saw me, he told me he finished it all by himself at home. How cute! I was proud of him, haha. To my horror, we had another workshop another day…we were building toolboxes. But it turned out to be not so bad. They were much easier than bird houses. He went up to me and said in a sweet voice “Will you help me again today?” And I said “Of course!” all too quickly. It was much easier building the toolbox. In fact, he was the first one to finish! I was like a beaming parent. lol. Since he finished all too quickly, he went and sat down by me and talked to me for a while. I asked him about his family, summer plans, etc and he answered in his cute little voice.

There was also another memorable boy named Casey. He looked like the youngest boy there…I thought he was like 5 years old. But when I asked how old he was, he told us he was seven years old. He looked younger than the boys younger than him. I was like, “You’re not seven!” and he said “Yes I am, I was born in 2000.” One, I was shocked he was so tiny for his age, and two, it was weird hearing someone say their birthday was in 2000! All my life I’ve basically talked to people that tell me their birthdays are in the 80s or 90s. It was weird to hear 2000. It felt like 2000 wasn’t that long ago. So basically when I was ten years old, he wasn’t even born. Haha, how old I feel. Anyway! He’s the little boy that always looks lost and confused. He’s also full of trouble. But luckily for him, he is absolutely cute. We had fun playing with him. I do feel a little bad because Thuy and I played with him when he was supposed to be listening to information about wilderness skills. But to be honest, I don’t think he would have listened anyway. If anything, we kept him quieter than if we left him alone. I don’t think he was meant to be sent to day camp with his attention span.

Before I left (forever!) I asked my favorite cutie, Christian, for a hug and he ran to meee! Awww, lol. I’m gonna miiiiiiss him. I always said I hated kids but looking at his big brown eyes and long lashes and soft hair makes me wanna hug him! My gosh, who am I???? haha. Man, I never thought I’d see the day where I type out an entire entry solely based on a little boy :shock: . I’m glad it’s over though… I didn’t wear sunglasses for one day and now my eyes are extremely red and agitated…. ouch. Note to self: don’t go out without sunglasses or the sun will pwn you.