And now for a random memory!

When I was little I used to go to my aunt’s house on Saturdays to be babysat. So every Saturday I’d spend some time with my aunt, my uncle, my cousin Helen, and my cousin David.

My mom would always pack mac & cheese for me to eat at their place. It was cooked macaroni and it had squares of cheese on it. You would have to microwave it and then moosh the cheese around until it coated all of the macaroni. So, my mom left me with instructions for the lovely bowl of mac. She told me, “microwave it for 30 seconds.”

So dinner time came along and my aunt asked me how long she should microwave it.

“Umm…30” I replied.

“30 what?” she asked.

And me, being the forgetful child with no sense of judgment between seconds or minutes, replied, “Umm…30 minutes?”

“30 minutes!” she exclaimed. “That’s way too long!”

“But, that’s what my mom said,” I protested.

“Okay,” she said reluctantly and microwaved it for 30 minutes.

I would wait for a long period of time, wondering why it took so long for my food. And when it finally got to me, it was scorching hot, and some of it turned very coarse and hard. It went on like this for all of the Saturdays that I came over to be babysat. I never understood why my mac & cheese was like that.

Long after I didn’t need babysitting anymore, I thought back to those days and sat straight up, realizing the reason for my wonderful tasting mac & cheese. It was because I was an idiot! So that’s why. Today’s lesson is: make sure you know the difference between seconds and minutes :)