Today I have a story about a crazy guy! Seriously though, I believe he really was crazy, in the mentally ill sense.

I started volunteering at this place called the Wellness Community. On a side note, my job is mostly to answer the phones. I’m terrible with phones…I stumbled a bit, made some mistakes, but hopefully I’ll get better next time.

Since the past couple of times I’ve been coming in (to attend the newcomer meeting, interview, etc.) it’s always lasted up to two hours. Since it takes around 20-30 minutes driving to get to the location my brother (who supplies me the ride) decided just to wait in the car and kill time, instead of driving back and forth. That is one dedicated brother of mine…makes up for all the times he makes me wanna pull my hair outta my scalp, haha. Yes, he waited two hours. He occupied himself with his iPod, but I really appreciate his kindness.

While I was in the office volunteering, he was out in his car for two hours. When I came back, those two hours were more interesting than I had imagined!

Apparently there was this mentally ill guy hanging around the parking lot. So, at first, picture a guy with clenched fists and outstretched arms. Now picture him spinning around in circles. When my brother repainted this picture for me, I thought, Well since the building is mostly for accountants and lawyers, maybe he was just a stressed worker who was angry at something.

As he told me more, however, that didn’t seem to be the case. After spinning around madly like that, he started banging on the window of a car, apparently with unnecessary force. Okay, so you’d think, Maybe he locked himself out of his car and was now pounding his car angrily. Acceptable excuse, except for the fact that he did that with other cars too, not just that one.

Just as my brother feared, there came a time when the man came over to my brother’s truck. Of course, since he was waiting in the truck for a whole two hours, he had his windows rolled down and his doors unlocked. “Why didn’t you roll up the windows, lock your car, and drive away?” I asked curiously. He said he didn’t want to attract the guy’s attention, and even if he managed to get away, he was worried about when I would come out looking for him and find the crazed man. “So why didn’t you call the police then?” And he said the guy technically wasn’t doing anything wrong. True, I suppose, but I wonder if you could report something like that to the police.

Anyway, he approached the back of my brother’s truck, touched the backlights, and looked into the back windows. Eventually he just left.

Scattered in between the man’s eccentric outbursts, my brother said that he kept leaving the parking lot and coming back. Mind you, my brother saw him do this for two entire hours. He wasn’t wearing a business suit like most of the workers there and if he did have a problem, it would have been more sensible to just go get help somewhere or use a telephone. I hope that man gets some help…

Being the drama queen that he is, my brother made himself a hero and told me he was ready to kick the guy’s butt to defend himself or protect me. Quite noble, but seriously, he made it sound way more heroic than it should be (considering it didn’t even happen). haha! But I guess he deserves to make himself sound heroic—I mean, he did wait in the car for two hours. Now that’s heroic :P

Now I’m kinda worried. Since I am supposed to have a four hour shift (not a two hour shift), my brother will get to go home, instead of waiting in his car for a whole two hours. I think that’d be better for him. But I think when my brother comes to pick me up, I’ll just wait inside the building till he pulls up.

Weird stuff. haha. :shock: