I hate spoilers.

When something big comes out (EX:*cough*HarryPotter*cough*), there are endless blog entries about it. Don’t get me wrong, blogs are for people to write down their thoughts and everything. I just hate it when people don’t give warnings for any spoilers up ahead in the entry. “Today I clipped my toenails. Oh, and I also found out that Henrietta dies in the book.” Since a public blog will obviously be read by people, I think people should have the courtesy to warn of any spoilers they are going to post. :roll:

Every time something big comes out I almost ALWAYS end up reading something I seriously didn’t want to know. I always end up knowing who dies, or who has sex with whom, or who breaks up with whom, and whose mother had gas. Great. Just what I always wanted to know. But there is still a light even if you’ve read a spoiler (well, unless you read a spoiler that told everything)! You still have no idea how it happened. So at least you’ll have fun in discovering how it all happens.