I love my baby (Chubs the cockatiel). He’s a fluffy little boy and I like to sniff him (yes, you read right. He smells like bird. In a good way). Every time I walk by, he makes this little noise, and I can’t help but stop and say hi to him each time. I feel guilty otherwise! And then once I’m done with whatever chore I need to do, I just have to take him out (and then later I’ll put him back in for being a bad boy and biting me!).

Anyway, my dad talks to my bird probably more than he talks to me. Go figure! Every time he comes home through the front door, he’ll call out to Chubs and stop at his cage to say hi. This is while I am sitting here, in the same room. He does this 99% of the time. Maybe sometimes he’ll say hi to me after the bird gets his greetings, but a lot of the time I’ll sit here in silence, making a silent bet in my head whether or not my dad will say hi to me, and he’ll just end up walking on by without another word.

I mean, I love my fluffy little boy, but I can’t help but be annoyed when my father says hi to him more than me ;)