It’s funny. The last time I volunteered at The Wellness Community, I had a story to tell. (Check out my entry on July 27th titled “Crazy Guy”) And today, I have another!

Today I spent most of my time counting and organizing what must have been hundreds of brochures! Actually, I probably prefer it more than answering phone calls… Eh, go figure. I guess it’s because I’ve always been anxious on the phone—I stumble easily on my words when I’m nervous.

So anyway, as it was nearing 1 PM I was getting ready to leave. Then this random guy popped in from the back door, and greeted me. “Hello Kimberly!” and shook my hand.

I looked at him with probably a confused expression. Uhh, do I know this guy? I asked myself. And then I realized I had my nametag on (duh).

He went on with his business. “I’m selling…” blah blah blah blah blah. Dunno what he said, really, but bottom line: he was selling stainless steel (I guess) knives that cost much more at Sears! I didn’t really listen to his advertising. Almost all of my attention was on the open suitcase he was holding. Yep, full of what he was selling—knives.

So I’m thinking, Okay, I’ll let him talk and then I’ll politely refuse his offer and he’ll leave. Then the volunteer coordinator came out to see who came in. He was probably just as disturbed as I was. He refused, and I quickly declined as well. And that was that. The guy left. After being slightly (that may be an understatement) disturbed, I grabbed my stuff and signed out.

Oh ho ho, it couldn’t have ended there, of course not! I left the office I was volunteering at, which was on the third floor, so I entered the elevator. I saw the guy who was selling knives again, trying to enter through random doors of other offices (and most of which were locked). I quickly went into the elevator and hoped he wouldn’t notice me. But, as life loves to give me entertainment, the guy came towards the elevator and said, “Stop the elevator for me! I’m coming in too!”

Damn it, I thought. I didn’t hold the elevator doors, and hoped they would close before he reached them. They didn’t. The whole time I had my cell phone out, ready to call my brother (who was picking me up). Kinda stupid, since if the guy stabbed me I don’t think I would be able to call anyone and ask for help. lol. But yeah.

The place is only three floors, but it was kinda scary. I was gonna ignore him, but he tried talking to me again. So I tried pretending I was interested in his…knives. “Oh, so you work at Sears?” Like I said before, I didn’t catch much of what he said, so I misinterpreted his words.

Then he explained that he was with a local company and was selling them cheaper than Sears would. “You sure you don’t want to buy them? They’re cheaper!”

“Umm, no thank you,” I said and smiled.

“You could give them as a gift. Like for your mom!” he suggested. Right. “Here mom, I got you this for your birthday. A set of shiny knives. Don’t do anything I wouldn’t! Have fun!” Uhh…yeah.

So then the doors opened and we went our separate ways. I hope I don’t run into him again. Or any other crazy guy again. My brother suggested I not volunteer there anymore…I think I’m gonna stop going there once school starts though. lol.