So I went to Six Flags on August 9, on a Thursday during my summer vacation.

Matt came to visit from Oregon, so he wanted to take a trip to Six Flags in California. Peter was going to drive us there. I definitely wanted to go (I love Six Flags…I love roller coasters period…and I wanted to see Matt), but I didn’t dare ask my mother for permission unless we had at least another female go along. Jazmin jumped at the chance to go, since she loves roller coasters just as much as I do. I asked my mother for permission. Of course, it wasn’t as easy as that. I didn’t feel safe lying about something this big, since Six Flags is about an hour and a half drive, so I told her that Peter was driving us. Once she heard about the driver, she flipped and didn’t give me a direct answer but showed her disapproval. I reminded her that of course no parent would want to drive us to Six Flags and then go back home or wait for the whole day, so it may be my last chance to go to Six Flags. She was still reluctant, but she called my dad to ask him for his opinion. Being the easy-going parent he is, my dad said if I wanted to go, I could go. After that it was perfect, all set. I was too excited to sleep the night before, so I didn’t sleep as much as I had hoped.

Waking up was difficult. Somehow, I didn’t even hear my alarm go off. Peter called around 6:15 AM, which woke me up. He called to say he’d come pick up at 6:30! I was like whoa, I haven’t even gotten out of bed yet. I didn’t bother to have breakfast, and just got ready to go. He called to tell me he was outside my house and it was 6:30ish. That guy is really punctual. Driving along, I called Jazmin to make sure she was awake before we got to her house. I had a wonderful surprise :( She could not go, because her back was killing her (it happens a lot). I really couldn’t go with just Matt and Peter because I had a pass that gave the deal of “buy one ticket get one free”. Obviously without a fourth person I would have to buy an entire ticket, which is 60 big ones (And heck, I only had 50 with me…that was supposed to be for the whole day). Plus, I knew my mom would never let me out with only guys. The next hour or so was hell! I was calling everyone I knew to find someone willing to pick up their phone in the morning and willing to go to Six Flags at such short notice. We arrived at Matt’s motel and hung out in his room for a while, trying to find a solution. I suggested that they go on and it would be all right for me to go home.

Finally, Peter called Victor, and apparently that guy is up for anything and is really outgoing, because he agreed to go. “When are we going?” “Umm, in 20 minutes or so.” “Uhh, Ok.” LOL. And he said when he asked his mom, she just said okay and gave him fifty bucks. Now that’s an awesome mom. Of course, he didn’t even say who was driving us though :roll: So problem solved, we had four people. We stopped at IHOP for breakfast, because Peter and Matt were really hungry. I didn’t even need to buy anything because I ate one pancake and that was a big enough breakfast for me. Note to self: don’t buy a dish for myself at IHOP, lol. After that, we hit the road. A full 1 hour and 30 minutes of car time in the hot hot sun. Haha. It didn’t feel that long actually. I sat in the front seat, so it was comfortable enough, and I got to talk to the guys, and I watched the road for any scary drivers, lol.

After getting lost a bit (we had trouble finding the right way to the entrance of Six Flags…we get going around and around until we finally got it right), we finally made it, almost exactly by 10:30 AM. I LIVED! haha. Peter didn’t kill us :)

Really, the driving part is most of the story. I don’t really have much to say about the rides, haha. Here are the rides we went on, I think:

Batman x2
Déjà Vu
Goliath x2
Ninja x2

Actually I don’t really remember if I put down all the rides we went on and if the x number is correct. lol. Oh well, but it’s as accurate as I can get it to be. I have never ever gone on X or TATSU or Riddler’s Revenge. I swear, the wait time always exceeds 2 hours OR the ride always breaks down by the time I get close to the front of the line. Eh. Maybe I’m destined to never ride those roller coasters, lol.

I felt a little left out at times—they were all guys and as expected, there had to be at least some talk about video games, cars, or porn. lol :roll:

And for lunch, guess what I ate?

Sushi! haha. At Six Flags. Who would have thought.

And then we had the drive back home (I was yawning madly by then). We left early though, around 6 PM. The park closes at 7 PM. It was a good thing we left earlier though, we got home around 8 I think. Early enough to show my mom everything was okay and that we were responsible hoodlums. Haha. Yep, it was a pretty fun day.