So apparently Los Choys did not die :)

We finally had a group outing today. Tonny, Mart, Steven, me.

My brother was sleeping, and I didn’t want to wake him up, so I decided to call Mart and see if he left yet. Perhaps he could give me a ride, I thought. Or I could just walk. Funny part: he was just about to walk to Metro. We both laughed and he said he’d drop by my house to walk together. He said he had a “fight” with his aunt. He bluffed and said “fine, I’ll walk,” but his aunt ended up saying “fine” so he had to walk in the end, haha :lol: It was kind of cool though; if that didn’t happen we wouldn’t have walked together.

We got to Metro and met up with Tonny and Steven. Went shopping at Old Navy and Pacsun for a bit. Then we went to buy tickets for Rush Hour 3. Steven was hungry so we made a stop at Subway. Eh, we waited too long and got into the movie theatre too late…we ended up sitting at the very back. Literally. We sat in the last row! Oh well, it was a funny movie, though. Afterwards, I treated them to pizza at the California Pizza Kitchen with my coupon and they bought an extra pizza (because one pizza is not enough for four people :cool: ).

After we finished eating and lounging around, we all were about to part, but I reminded them that we needed to take a group picture (something I’ve been wanting to do for ages, but kept forgetting). We tried SO many times. We attempted to take our picture, but it was just too hard to successfully take a picture of four people, lol. After many tearful laughs, we got Steven’s sister to come and take the picture for us :oops: . It was a fun day, and no one was emo for once :shock: