Today was the first day of registration for school. It’s actually just sports, especially football and cheerleaders. But I got an email from Mr. Henson (my future choir teacher) saying Chamber Singers could go to priority registration as well. At first I was a little uncomfortable. I was surrounded by football players and cheerleaders, and I was starting to wonder if any other Chamber Singers people came to register today at all. Inside registration nobody complain about it, though, so I guess it was fine.

I arrived around 10 PM (registration opens up at 7:30), thinking by then the place would empty out. WRONG. Apparently everyone comes late, so there was a huge line. I think I waited for a total of three hours. It was all pretty boring, waiting in line. However, somewhere along the way I met a girl named Marcella and we talked for the remainder of the time. That definitely helped—I would have been bored out of my mind otherwise. I didn’t know the line would be so long, otherwise I would have brought my iPod! She runs in cross-country and track. She had some of the same teachers as me, and took some AP classes too, we had some things in common. I’m not too good at initiating a conversation, but if someone talks to me first, I’m happy to talk and get to know the other person.

Ah, the line was so long. It was specifically long at the area where you have to pay for your fees and where you have to take your ID picture. Registration was supposed to be over by 11:30, but it went past 12. Eventually I was the last person to finish (which is really WEIRD, because I swear there were many people in line behind me…). As I was on my way out, feeling very happy to leave, I saw Marcella and said goodbye to her. Uhh, I hugged her before I left but that might have been kind of weird since we barely met (though we did talk for hours, lol). Oh well, I’m friendly? haha.

So yeah, this is my schedule:

AP Pychology
AP Econ
Chamber Singers
Ap Eng Lit
Physics 1-2 H
AP Bio

Don’t know my teachers yet, but that’s the order of my classes. AP Psych first…not bad, I guess. But now that I look over my schedule, I’m kind of worried. I’m going to have a very busy year… eh…

And good news—I’m actually known by Mr. Henson and Mrs. Huezo. I guess I’m very used to being “another in the crowd” so I don’t expect teachers or counselors to recognize me, but apparently they do. They both complimented my new short hair. Haha. That’s good; I didn’t think they’d know me at all.