Finally! My photo gallery is up to date. I love WordPress. It motivated me to redo the entire gallery and add all the pictures that were just collecting dust in many folders on my computer. Now that my photo gallery runs on WordPress, it’ll be a lot easier to update (instead of doing everything manually like I used to…).

Eerie Silence – Photo Gallery

It was kind of fun sifting through all of my pictures. I LOVED the pictures I found from Kindergarten. I recognize a lot of people, and it’s interesting to compare them now (well, the people I’ve seen recently anyway). Some people are going to hate me for putting up these pictures (there are so many people that hate photographs…as for me, I say capture every moment while you can!), but I think it’s pretty special to have them and share them. You get to see what the past was like, how much you’ve grown, etc.

So after spending countless hours on that, I really should be cracking down on my summer homework—school begins on the 30th :???: At least now that I’ve finished Eerie Silence, I can at least look back at my summer and NOT think it was such a waste ;P After looking at so many pictures, resizing them, coding stuff again, installing stuff, updating pages, and uploading all those pictures, I think I’m sick of anything internet related for now. haha. Which is a good thing, since I have less than two weeks to do homework :( *sigh* It’s my fault for procrastinating, but I did enjoy the time off from school :)