Don’t know the science behind it, but when I’m in pain I’m a lot more emotional. After wisdom teeth surgery? So emotional, I cried like twice. Menstruation and terrible, terrible cramps? Occasionally I can get very, very sad.

I don’t know if I’m fed up with everything, or if it’s just my menstruation period, but most of today sucked. Stuff happened with my mom. It was so stupid, I don’t even want to talk about it. It’s so stupid, it’s embarrassing. But for some reason I threw myself in my bed, cryng more than I have been crying since a long while ago, and hating everyone and everything. My mom’s going to leave for a week and I don’t even feel like saying goodbye. I’m gonna say it’s my period. Because if this is the “new” me, I hate it. Life sucks like this. It’s like the world is against me.

Um yeah, I never really planned to write about this, since males that may stumble upon this will scratch their heads and say in falsely knowing voices, “Oh. It’s that time of the month again.” But you don’t know nothin’ man!

*rolls eyes* :roll:

Yeah biatch. At least you don’t bleed every month for a week or sometimes even more, regardless of weather or circumstances. At least you don’t ever feel like curling into the fetal position on your bed for the entire day! And you don’t feel like ripping out your hair for no apparent reason!

I dunno. Boy do I feel like crap. Blame the hormones.