Ugh. As usual, I’m a procrastinator and all I have is the rest of tonight and three days left before school. And I still haven’t finished my homework (not even close).

Today was pretty cool. I planned this “study date” thing at my house. Steven, Mart, and Tonny came over and we all did our homework. Steven and Tonny even made some food (this…meat thing and fried rice). And then Mart washed the dishes. That is just too sweet. Haha, who said girls have to do everything? But I really should be more like a girl. At least then I’d know how to cook and do “womanly” things! Although that is SUCH a stereotype (one that my family lives on). Oh well, guess I’ll just have to marry a man with a knack for doing housework (just kidding).

It was a nice day, but I didn’t complete as much homework as I should have, lol. I have to say Steven and Tonny are totally distracting. Amusing, but distracting. haha. Oh well…at least it was a nice get-together before school starts and all. Also, my parents are out of state, so I got one home cooked meal :razz: Otherwise, my brother and I are living on frozen food and fast food.

I’m pretty sleepy already (I guess that’s because I didn’t take a nap, like usual), so maybe I’ll give sleeping early (for once) a try. Then I could wake up early and continue the homework. Hope it works. Time is running out :(