I am surprised I actually woke up at the sound of my alarm! My parents are still in Wyoming so it’s up to me, haha.

Well, just like every year I procrastinated and stayed up the night before the first day of school finishing homework. It’s no surprise, and it actually felt normal. lol.

Well, with the exception of the flash cards (did those the first day of summer XD) reading Jane Eyre a little over a month ago and starting Catch-22 a month ago, I did all this in the course of a few days (to be honest, I would say I did the majority last night…):

Read Jane Eyre – 480 pages
Read Catch-22 – 463 pages
Read Candide – 128 pages
134 Flash Cards
2 Essays
3 BookNotes (damn things took longer than I thought…or maybe I’m just a slow worker)
3 Author BG
3 Creative presentations

I don’t know how I do it, but I always do that :roll:

On another note… don’t tell me it’s gonna rain! Geesh! I was planning today on being HOT. Was gonna wear a skirt and all. But there was thunder yesterday and apparently the sky is full of ominous clouds. Hmmmmmm. Maybe this is foreshadowing a bad year? lol

Well, I’m pretty nervous, as I am every year (though probably not as nervous as 9th grade and 10th). SENIOR YEAR. I’m not too excited about it… I am sooo behind on college plans and I can already imagine the pile of homework this year. Maybe I shouldn’t have taken all those AP classes :sad:

It’s amazing. It truly doesn’t feel like I’m done with my summer yet. What happened to my months of vacation?! I want it back!

Oh well. Enough whining for now. I can whine more all year! hahaha :neutral: