I live close to the Ghetto (though I live in the good part of the city, haha), so it’s not uncommon to have the windows shaking as a car passes by with blasting music on. It’s usually annoying. It’s usually some type of gangsta rap music. I don’t like rap, but sometimes I might hear something that can be pretty catchy and the lyrics pretty witty, but most of the time it’s just really mindless crap.

It amazes me how those people can actually sit INSIDE the car, with music loud enough for me to hear within my house, closed doors and windows and all. Doesn’t it hurt? Won’t they go deaf before thirty?

BUT there’s one thing that’s cool. It’s really awesome when people at blasting music that *I* like. When that happens (which is rare), I stop and listen and dance! haha! Actually, to be more specific, it’s really awesome when people blast music that I like and is not popular, mainstream stuff. Though there are a lot of fans out there, my friends wouldn’t know some of the bands I like, and it’s just cool to hear that someone out there likes the music I listen to when there are so many people that haven’t even heard of it. Of course, I’m sure people who don’t like that type of music are probably as annoyed as I am with tasteless rap, haha.