When I shower, I try my best to avoid taking one at the same time as someone else. You see, our house has three bathrooms. Only two actually have full showers, one of them only has a bathtub that usually no one uses. Generally, my brother uses the bathroom downstairs; my parents and I use the one upstairs.

Maybe I’ll be halfway through my shower, and then to my horror, I hear the squeaky turning of knobs and a sudden rush of water downstairs. AND practically all of my hot water turns cold. By then I’ll angrily turn up the hot water again, and then shower as quickly as possible with the weak and pathetic running water.

Or maybe I’ll be getting my clothes and things ready, my mind set on taking a shower, schedule all planned out, and then I’ll hear someone (99% of the time it’s my dad, since he takes evening/late showers like me) turning on the water. Then I’ll direct my eyes to the ceiling in exasperation and forget about my shower. It’s not such a big deal, waiting for a little bit for them to finish, but I have to wait longer than the allotted time for a shower because after they are done the hot water is gone and there will be nasty leftovers in the shower (don’t ask, please.) and the bath mat will be all soaking wet. UGH.

While my parents were away for a week on vacation, I really enjoyed being the only one to use the shower. I showered when I wanted, whenever I wanted. *sighs dreamily*