Oh man, I almost cried today in Chamber Singers. We started looking over and singing the Three Madrigals, and it’s the exact same song that we sang for Adv. 9th Grade Ensemble.

I just had the urge to cry because it brought back so many memories. Half of 9th grade was such a wonderful year. It was full of drama, but after a few years have passed by, they’re not so fresh in my mind anymore. Adv. 9th Grade Ensemble was unquestionably the best choir I was ever a part of. All those years in elementary school and middle school, I always looked at the older kids and thought to myself, “I hope I can be there someday.” However, every time I actually got there, it wasn’t as great as it seemed. But Adv. 9th Grade Ensemble was different. It was exactly what I wanted. We were all so good, and because our number was so small, we were pretty close. Our teacher was totally fun and bonded very well with her students. I remember her teasing me about my at-the-time-boyfriend constantly. So much that I sometimes dreaded going to class because it never ended! But I still remember so many good things from that class.

And then back in 9th grade while we were learning the first song of the Three Madrigals, called “O Mistress mine where are you roaming?” I remember my friends hinting to me, and saying that my to-be-boyfriend had such a good expression on his face when he sang the song. It was SO obvious. They must have been thick if they didn’t know I could tell what they were doing!

But now when I look at the Three Madrigals, it’s different. When Mr. Henson (current choir teacher) was explaining the song to us, he said the beginning was when this guy was searching for the girl he liked. Then the second song is sad, called “Take O take those lips away,” with lyrics like “seals of love, but seal’d in vain.” And I just can’t help but relate it to the situation. Finally, the last song is called, “Sigh no more, ladies, sigh no more!” which is really upbeat. It’s when the character is like, “Oh whatever, I’m over it, moving on!” 2-3 years ago I never would have thought I’d be seeing this again in a different light. Back then I really only paid attention to the first song, which was the puppy-love part. And now, I finally looked at all the songs. Life sucks. But life moves on.