Thought this was worth posting.

MacArthur Teachers Protest Rising Class Sizes

Ah yes. The wonderful overcrowding schools. I used to go to MacArthur and I remember the class sizes steadily growing. At my current high school the numbers are really high as well. My English class has 40 students crowded into one room, and I sit at the very back, where I have trouble sometimes hearing and seeing what’s on the board. Every time I exit my English building, it’s a nightmare. Traffic is terrible, and sometimes there are complete stops, where we have to wait for people to pass. So I’m constantly worried about being late to class.

Ugh. If everyone says education is so important for our futures, why are school budgets constantly being cut? Cram more people in classes; it’s cheaper. Hmm…we need to cut costs again…how about you slash the choir program? Nobody cares about that, right? :roll:

Anyway, it was interesting to see that article. I actually recognize about 4 teachers in the photographs. Kind of weird to see.