Religion Created By Man

How do you know the Bible, the Qur’an, that ALL “sacred” books of religion were not written by men with imagination? How do you know religion was not created by man?

If I had some very interesting ideas and convincing explanations for everything, I could write a book. I would call it “Crufa.” I could carry myself with confidence, an air of enlightenment to look convincing. Then I would advertise the book. If I could gain a few followers, they would recruit others. As our “religion” grows old with time, we will gain more followers. Even as the world seems to get more complicated and complex and cruel, my followers will not let go of Crufa. Why? Because we’ve held on to it for so long. It has been passed down for many generations. Children now are taught this before they can form thoughts for themselves. They are given rules, explanations before seeing anything for themselves. Believing in Crufa gives them reason, gives them a reason to continue living and toiling.

Children As Easy Targets

If children were not automatically pushed into a religion their parents have chosen, would they have chosen that religion? If children grew up without the concept of religion, would they still believe in “god,” and his “teachings” that are found in a book? People that believe in a religion right now believe that theirs is correct, theirs is the correct way. But is it? A mother that believes in Crufa. So she teachers her daughter Crufa. The daughter is raised by her mother, so she trusts her mother and takes her words as truths. Obviously, she grows up believing that Crufa is the correct path. What if the daughter had a different mother who believed in Facru? So Crufa would be wrong and Facru would be correct.

Granted, there may be a few that choose their religion, instead of growing into it. But take a look at your friends and family. Out of all of them, how many were free from influences as a child?

Children are so easy to manipulate, to control. Parents send their children to church school. I remember someone telling me, “I told my parents I don’t want to go to church school, but they send me anyway and tell me as long as I live under their roof I will go.” Children are forced to learn religion. Specifically, the religion of their parents. I have never heard of a parent asking their child, “Honey, do you want to learn about Christianity? Or would you rather learn about Buddhism? Whichever you want, it’s fine with me.”

God Is Contradictory

God is supposed to be impartial. He loves everyone equally.

So why are people placed in different situations? There are children born into billionaire families with the best that money can buy. There are children born into middle class families with enough to get by. There are children born into poor families with barely enough to eat.

God is supposed to be generous.

He is very generous. He was generous enough to give people cancer. He was generous enough to create people with different skin so discrimination and racism could thrive. He was generous enough to make it so that as you grow old you get things such as heart attacks, arthritis, bad backs, Alzheimer’s, dementia. He was generous enough to create harsh environments, where a drought means no food, no way of surviving for some people.

God is supposed to be uniting, a peacemaker.

So then why are there so many divided people? Religion has divided people. There were bloody crusades in the “name of god.” People of different beliefs cannot come together. They avoid each other or end up fighting each other. People of different beliefs cannot marry. So how can god be so uniting? How is he uniting and peacemaking if he is one of the sole reasons why we are fighting each other?

If god did all of this for a reason, he is one cruel being.

If you are real, god, then I guess I’m going to “hell” because I question you. I believe that there is no way to prove that you exist but I also believe there is no way to prove that you do not exist either. However, I definitely question your existence. If I’m going to “hell” many others will be going with me. And you cannot blame us for questioning you because the world is too full of chaos and cruelty for there to be someone loving watching over us.