I’m always sick at the worst times possible. I was thinking about missing school, but I’ve got a test tomorrow :???:

I noticed that I’m getting sick more frequently. In the past I get sick one or two times a year at the most. Now I can’t even remember how many times I’ve been sick and been to the doctor. I never missed school before, and now I’m wishing you could get more sick days without falling so behind.

It must be all the homework I get. Every year I get a couple of hours added onto my workload. I wish I could manage better. And it would be useful if I wasn’t such as a slowpoke at reading.

Oh well. Eating food, drinking lots of water, drinking OJ, eating taking symptom relievers (I’d go to the doctor for some antibiotics but I have no insurance so each visit costs cash up front.). Unfortunately, sleep isn’t a part of it yet… I’ve got way too much homework. Yep, fun stuff.