I woke up this morning and on the way to the bathroom I found my mom’s bedroom empty. I started worrying about my mom (I didn’t worry about my dad because I assumed he was sleeping on the couch…as usual) and maybe something bad happened so she didn’t come home. But then I remembered seeing some clothes laid out on my mom’s bed, which is what she usually does when she picks out clothes for a trip or something, so I figured she might have gone somewhere.

To be sure, I went down to the my brother’s room to make sure (and also note that this was 4:30 in the morning). Half of my brain was hoping nothing bad happened and half was thinking she went somewhere.

Well, talked to my brother and it turns out they went to San Diego for the weekend. Oh my goodness. They didn’t even tell me. My mom told me like, a week ago, but not recently and I had no idea they were gone. It probably would have been no big deal if I didn’t wake up so early in the morning, because if I had woken up later I would have assumed they went to work or somewhere.

Yep. My nose is all stuffy. I love that when I wake up. Maybe I’ll try to go back to bed.