Yesterday I went with my parents to their friend’s daughter’s wedding party. It was alright. I really liked the beginning, but towards the middle and the end it started slowing down. I think I really enjoy weddings…but that’s only if the couple is young and I have at least one friend with me at the wedding. I prefer weddings of young couples because their weddings are usually more modern and fresh, and their stories are very interesting. And obviously sitting at the table with my parents is not the most thrilling thing :P It was my mom’s birthday yesterday though, so it was sort of like going out. Usually we go out to eat for birthdays. Oh, and get a kick out of this: I asked my mom how old she was turning this year, and she said immediately with boldness in her voice, “Fifty-nine!” At that point I looked at her with a raised eyebrow and she quickly corrected herself, “49!” Haha. It’s kind of funny how she almost forgot her own age :lol:

So anyway, I liked the beginning because it was really sweet. The members of the Wedding Party came in dancing and “thugging” it out while hiphop was playing, haha. That was cute. And of course, the couple had their first dance as husband and wife together. Watching them made me happy. I wonder if they felt a little uncomfortable dancing in front of all those people though. Listening to the Wedding Party talk about the bride and groom was very touching.

The groom and bride were cuties. The girl was half Viet and half Filipino. The groom was Latino…I think. Actually, he kind of looked Filipino too, lol. I’m not sure. They looked right together.

I also liked how the wedding party was a combination of things. They had both modern and oldie music. They had a portion where they went around greeting the guests while dressed in the traditional Vietnamese clothing, and while Vietnamese music was playing in the background.

My parents were complaining about how long the party was dragging on. It was slowing down towards the middle and end, but I didn’t mind too much. If I were the groom or bride, I’d want the night to last a long time and cherish every moment. Or, if I were with my friends, I’m sure it’d be much less slow.

Until yesterday, I hadn’t been to a wedding in a long, long time. Long enough for me to see the change in me. When I went to one many, many years ago, I remember being generally bored. I can’t say that sitting with my parents for some hours was that entertaining, but I enjoyed seeing the bride and groom happy. I kind of had a mixture of feelings. I was happy that the bride and groom found each other and made it this far. At the same time, I wished with all my heart that they would continue living together this happy, because there is such a huge chance of divorce and failure, and I would not want for this beautiful couple to ever go through that. Does anyone else feel like that at weddings? Or am I just too much of a worry wart?

And while I was pretty happy seeing them happy, I felt kind of lonely too. It made me realize how much I want it. To be happy, to feel complete, to trustfully put your life in the hands of someone you love, to have both family and friends join from both sides to celebrate. It’s so wonderful. A huge part of me is doubting that I will ever experience this. But I’m only seventeen (well, eighteen in about three months). I still have some growing up to do and ultimately, my present cannot really predict my entire future.