The following are speculations I have after finishing the final episode of the season for Nana, episode 47.

I have posted a comment with the following here as well.

I noticed the difference in rings when there is a scene of the future when Hachi prepares a bath for Nobu and a scene of the past when Nana comments on Hachi’s engagement ring.

When Nobu grabbed Hachi’s hand… it looks like she’s wearing TWO rings. One of the rings is a little tilted… I find it a very odd ring if it was really just one ring. It looks like the diamond is on the lower ring, not connected to the first ring at all. Additionally, when Nana comments on Hachi’s big diamond, the ring looks like the lower ring she wore when she prepared Nobu’s bath. I noticed some people commented that her rings look different because she got an engagement and marriage ring from Takumi so that should explain it. However, that means the ring with the diamond is the engagement ring and the ring with two bands is the marriage ring. Shouldn’t the marriage ring have a bigger diamond or look prettier, instead of having just another band added? It doesn’t seem right to me.

Take a look for yourself if you have the episode on your computer. The rings are seen around 7:15 and 18:08.

I could be wrong, but that’s what it looked like to me. I even paused and stared, alternating between the two scenes for a while :P

If those are really two rings she is wearing when Nobu grabs Hachi’s hand, I think the plain ring may be a ring Nobu had given her and the diamond ring may be her wedding ring from Takumi. I don’t think Hachi and Nobu ever get back together, but perhaps she still wears a second ring in memory of Nobu… hmm, I dunno.

I also want to comment on something… in episode 45 Nana is narrating and she says to Hachi that she hopes Hachi will not forget the name-brand diamond ring. I’m not sure what this means, but maybe she divorced Takumi after all. Otherwise, why would Nana be telling Hachi to treasure that ring? The rings are very confusing to me, and there are so many speculations…

And as for Nana… I think she did die. When Hachi narrates she always has a longing in her voice and she speaks to Nana as if she’ll never see her again. Or if anything, perhaps she just is never able to see Nana ever again for some reason.

Everything’s so sad :( Maybe we’re all wrong and they live happily ever after (ah, wishful thinking).