My fall concert for choir was this evening. I’m very happy!

It was my first concert since 9th grade—it’s been three years!

I was extremely nervous. Just full of the jitters. When we were on stage, I just had this wave of fear. My hands were as cold as a rock and I was worried that I had bad posture or maybe I looked too stiff. I looked at the other choir members, and I saw that most of them had straight faces. Hmm. I wish everyone was smiling instead. I really felt like smiling; isn’t that how it should be? We should be smiling to keep the nervousness at bay and please the audience. I think I semi-smiled because I felt like a big idiot being the only person smiling.

Anyway, I tried my best and before I knew it, Chamber Singers (that’s us) were done. Then Men’s Choir and Women’s choir came up to join us in singing God Bless America.

We did well! I was so happy my friends came to the show. In the past, I’ve never really had people come to my choir shows and my family has never gone. So it meant a lot to me when I saw my friends. Abby, Mart, Jazmin, Tonny, Idalia, Lindy, Thuy. Thank you :) Lindy (from Saddleback) told me our choir made theirs look bad. Haha! That was really flattering. I’m glad it turned out well.

You know what I noticed? Most choir songs are gospels or religious songs. I am not an ounce religious, but I still love choir. I think choir is about singing and performing and doing what you love. Plus, although I don’t really heed the lyrics, the harmony and sounds of the songs are things that draw me in. I’m glad I took choir for my last year of high school.