Invisible Children got rejected.

I was paying my club fees to ASB and then Mrs. Miller broke the news to me: the district didn’t approve the club. UGH. So close. ASB approved it, Mrs. Maher signed it… and finally the district had to just reject it.

Why did they reject it? They think I’m going to “collect donations,” which apparently is a no-no. I’m not supposed to fundraise or collect any money (which is absurd because I’m doing it to help SUFFERING people in Africa). I knew beforehand not to put anything financial related in the Constitution… And I swear that I didn’t… Mrs. Miller even checked it over and said it was fine. But apparently I left it in somewhere. *shrug* I don’t know.

When she broke the news to me I was about to cry. I did end up crying while I was walking home, though. It was just…something I wanted so badly. I tried so hard and so long. There are all of these stupid clubs on campus (no offense) but I can’t create a club to help others.

I’m pretty close to giving up…but not quite. I’m going to sit down with Mrs. Jordan to figure this out and resend our application. This months is probably the busiest of my school year, so I haven’t had the time. *sigh*