Okay, so I entered the “Create Your Own Scholarship” scholarship and now is the voting period.

When I saw the second scholarship listed, my eyes practically popped out of the sockets.

I THOUGHT it was my scholarship, but now I’m not so sure. I remember titling my scholarship “Stuck in the Middle” but I didn’t name it “Stuck in the (Financial) Middle.” And the description is basically the same idea I had, but it is worded differently with different qualifications to win. After seeing this, I have no idea if it really is mine or not. They didn’t notify me either, so now I’m leaning towards not. But if it’s NOT my scholarship, I feel pretty crummy. Someone had the exact same idea as me, and just beat me to submissions?

I made up a scholarship plan called “Stuck in the Middle” because that is my situation and I always wished that there was a scholarship for being “stuck in the middle.” My family does not qualify for much financial aid, but we certainly do not have the money to pay. It’s the “middle-class” curse. We’re can’t qualify for financial aid, yet we’re definitely not financially advantaged. I don’t know, I seriously hope this is my scholarship, just worded differently. There’s also the fact that it may not even win, since it’s up against 11 other ideas.

So if you’re a member of FastWeb (or would like to join… and you might as well, if you’re looking for scholarships too), please vote for “Stuck in the (Financial) Middle.” It couldn’t hurt to do so. And also… we’re able to vote EVERY DAY, so wink wink!