I asked my mom to do something to my hair and she said she’d do a couple of curls. Well, somehow, a couple of curls turned into a lot and my entire head was curly, haha.

Our transportation to Fullerton for the choir festival was extremely GHETTO. lol… We took the OCTA bus all the way there and all the way back. I had no idea we were going to walk a lot, so I wore my high heels. On the way to the bus stop, I could already feel the pain in my feet! When I arrived at school, I honestly thought I was going to be late but we didn’t get on the bus until 9 AM :roll: Also, after my mom dropped me off at school and I was walking to the choir room, I could feel people staring at me and talking. “Why are they dressed like that!” :mad: Um, hello, I can hear you, ya’know. I would have preferred if they either just shut up, whispered, or straight out asked me about why we were dressed up.

So anyway, this was the first bus ride I’ve gone on since maybe 7th grade. So technically it is my second time using the public bus. I’m so sad…I didn’t even put my money in right. lol… The first bus driver was nice. There were 30 of us so it took some time for all of us to get bus passes. However, she was nice about it and said “it’s all good.” There was this one man, as Diana, Madonna, and I were sitting down, who obviously wasn’t cool about it. At first we thought it was being friendly and giving advice by saying “Next time what you guys should do is give ’em a 20 dollar bill and just get all of your passes.” We smiled, but then he added, “You all are making me late!” Um, rude much? We meant no harm.

Then on another bus, Madonna encountered some weird man. Apparently he took pictures of her with his camera phone. But then Madonna got his phone (why he gave it to her, I have no idea) and deleted her photos before giving it back. And she said that he said, “I want your pants.” She was wearing the South Park PJs. I mean, even if he didn’t mean that in some kind of freaky way, he could have said “I wish I had those pajamas” or something. No wait….I’m sure even that sounds freaky coming from a stranger. *shivers*

When we finally got to Cal-State Fullerton and the concert started, we were all soooo sleepy. I swear. I looked behind me and saw people with droopy eyes. I looked at the seats in front of me and I saw some lowered heads leaning against the back of the chairs. The guy next to me even snored a little. I was going to poke him, but I decided to just let him sleep. haha. I almost fell asleep too, but the clapping got me up again. I don’t think it was that the concert was boring…almost everyone sounded really nice…I think it was just the long bus ride and walking that tired me out.

After it was over, we still had two-ish hours left so we all got something to eat. Madonna, Diana, Mr. Henson, Patty (sp?), and I went out to get something to eat at Quizno’s. Yumyum. Did you know that they also sell bread bowls to-go? I didn’t know that. It’s cool—they give you soup inside of a cup which you can dump into the bread bowl later.

Reflecting upon my choir’s performance, I don’t think we did too well. I don’t think we were the worst, but we were in the bottom few. Oh well, at least it was an interesting experience. And I got to miss a day of school :)