Here’s another weird thing about me that I haven’t really thought about until now:

I’m kind of morbid.

Which is completely surprising because, I mean, look at my blog. It’s all pink for heaven’s sake!

I love The Birthday Massacre (a band). Most of their music sounds mellow and soft at first, but if you take a look at the lyrics, they’ve got a much more darker side to them. My favorite video is from their song Blue. (Link to YouTube video) I think it’s awesome. Some people think I’m weird for liking it, but I do. I also like their song Happy Birthday.

I also used to have an obsession (which is now resurfacing again) with American McGee’s Alice. It’s like a “Dark Wonderland” or “Malice in Wonderland” type of thing. It was a game that originally came out in 2000 and I barely found out about it four years later or so, and by then there wasn’t much media out there for this game. Regardless, I still saved any stories, music, pictures, etc. that I could find. I even had the Casebook PDF, which was a journal from one of the psychologists that tried to treat Alice in the asylum. I used the search feature on my computer and I finally found it (Boy was I unorganized with my files back then…).

I think my “Dark Alice” obsession is resurfacing because there are rumors floating around about the movie finally showing in July 2008. That got me excited, but they said there would be a movie, like, five years ago. :roll: But thanks to sites like YouTube, other fans have posted their videos of clips from the game. I’m completely obsessed with watching all of them now. Three or four years ago I wasn’t able to find sites like YouTube. Oh, how I love YouTube. (Link to awesome Alice clips)

Granted, I’m not the scary gothic chick that has joy in going to funerals and my skin definitely crawls when I watch bloody and gory movies… but sometimes there are these weird things that I like and you’d never expect it from Miss Girly Girl!