I lovelove writing…but…wow. I can’t wrap my head around the fact that some people have written fanfiction that have over a thousand reviews! Of course, those reviews are probably from the same people (since when you review it’s for only one chapter), but still. It’s amazing. That’s a lot of writing and a lot of people dedicated to reading your stuff. As much as I love writing, for some reason I just don’t think I would be able to do that. These people must have a lot of motivation and a lot of time. I saw someone with a fanfiction story with over 2000 reviews and their story was written in a month. Amazing.

I started writing one fanfiction story and I started writing another “original” story, but it seems like I can never really get through writing the entire thing.

Sometimes I will spend hours writing, but soon enough I stop because I don’t have time for it anymore.

Or, and this is most of the time, when I write my stories I really don’t go in chronological order. I write snippets varying from the beginning to the end. I don’t know, that’s how I always write. I have these wonderful ideas that jump between chapters and I never end up finishing the entire story.

And after some time has passed, my motivation for the story has usually passed me by.

*sigh* I really want to be one of those authors someday. To just have a story on fanfiction.net or fictionpress.com with thousands of reviews and subscribers would make me a very, very happy girl. To have a story published someday would make one of my dreams come true. Oh well, maybe someday. Sometime during a carefree summer where I can just spend my time sitting down and writing.