I think I’m really tired/sleepy, but I refuse to sleep.

There’s a lot on my mind, but I occupied myself by finally working on my sites again. Pink Mist got a small makeover. I think it’s an improvement. I haven’t actually made any other big changes. Oh, I also deleted all of my hostees because none of them have updated their sites in more than a year :neutral: . I think by the end of tonight I’ll make some changes to at least one site…but I have no guarantees. I’m such a lazy girl. (EDIT: Does this count? I edited by bio and made it more visually appealing XP)

Also, I also want to say BlueHost is so very awesome. I’ve been renewing my account yearly automatically. One day I took a look at their homepage and I saw that they changed their packages (which were much more superior than mine!). So I put in a support ticket asking if the changes could be made to my account and I think I got a response either the same day or a day later. They needed my information to verify I was the owner, so after I sent that in less than ten hours I got an email back saying they made the changes to my account. <3 They didn't, however, give me more space because that requires moving all of my stuff to their newer server. I decided not to do that since I'd have to backup everything and risk losing files and then I'd have to put everything up again (I'm lazy). I'm not even close to using half of my space so I'm just going to let it be for now. Anyway, I was thinking. If I continue growing detached from my friends and peers, maybe it won't be such a bad thing. No, I'm not giving up on friendship and relationships altogether. But I was just thinking that since I'm going to be going to college in less than a year, I won't be able to see most of them, if not all, anyway. Maybe it will keep me from missing them or feeling more sad than I should be. Then again, I also looked at the other side and it kind of sucks because senior year is supposed to be that memorable year, with things that you'll supposedly never forget. I don't know, I guess we'll see. I always go through these cycles, so I can never really predict what the end will be like.