So today I visited UCI with Jessica and Peter. We sat in some lectures. First was intro to anthropology and then astronomy. We actually planned out four courses, but 1) we got there late and 2) Jessica lost the schedule. haha. Apparently Peter knew how to get to UCI and Jessica had a map of the school. That didn’t do us much good and we were driving around for quite a while. Somehow, we got lucky and Peter’s intuition (ha) got us into campus :P

We were an hour late, so we decided to just go grab something to eat. We ate at Cha for Tea. Yummy; good food makes me happy. I shared sweet potato fries and steamed chicken dumplings with Jess.

We got back to the campus and went inside the lecture hall. I observed a couple of things. There were a lot of people who brought their laptops, but the majority of people just hand-wrote their notes. Some people sitting in front of me, although they did write their notes on a word processing program, a lot of them did other things like check other sites. I guess they’re either multi-tasking or trying to keep themselves awake…I guess. It was funny; Peter sat on my left, but I pointed out that it was a left-handed seat. He didn’t even notice, even after he pulled out the table until I told him. I looked across the rows at other far-left seats and there were some left-handers sitting there. I wonder if there has ever been so many left-handers that there weren’t enough seats for them? Another crucial thing I noticed: most people didn’t know each other. The majority of people sat by themselves. Sometimes there were two people sitting together. Also, as we were walking around campus during passing period, most people were walking alone. The biggest group I saw was three people. It’s going to be lonely in college…but I’m going to try to be friendly and make friends with the people I end up sitting next to and seeing.

So, anthropology was interesting. It felt like I was back in U.S. History last year. The lecture wasn’t as bad as I thought—it was just like sitting back in class at high school, except in a bigger room. I don’t know if I can say the same for other classes though…if I sat through something like biology or calculus, it’d probably be a whole different story.

After that class, Jessica found that she lost the schedule. I have no idea how she did it because it was with her when we got to the campus. *shrug* Anyway, we walked into astronomy because we got lucky while we were exploring the campus. And let me tell you, going to that lecture confirmed my reasons for not wanting to take astronomy. I’ve never really had an interest for stars, and that lecture confirmed it. It was really boring and I had a hard time keeping my eyes open. Peter was not very discreet and literally fell asleep next to me. His eyes were closed and everything. I tried poking him with my foot but it wouldn’t work :P I looked to my right and Jessica had these squinting eyes, fighting to stay open. Gah, I’m not taking astronomy.

After that we just walked around the park and rested. I was extremely sleepy. As we were walking through the park, Jessica was distracted by something in the distance as usual, and as she was pointing she stepped right into a big mud puddle. It was one of things times where you had to be there, but it was hilarious. Her whole shoe was muddy. Later that day she complained about how cold her foot was, and I didn’t really understand until I realized it was because her shoe was muddy :lol: We sat in one spot for a while and Peter was playing on his DS as usual, but at least Jessica and I bonded, lol.

We decided we had enough and went home. Or tried to, anyway. Apparently, when you get lost while trying to find the place, chances are, you will get lost trying to go out of it. Yeah…it took a really long time to figure things out. By then I was really sleepy and I was sitting in the back seat, so I drifted off to sleep. It was funny; Jessica asked me for reassurance if we passed some street, and after she asked both she and Peter turned around to look at me, only to find me sleeping. haha.

Yeah… college. I’m happy with the relaxed atmosphere… but I’m a little saddened by the sense of loneliness.