TV is usually mindless and stupid. But nevertheless, lately, I’ve been addicted to some shows. I don’t watch any of them on TV of course. haha. Technology these days. Watching TV without the TV :roll:

America’s Next Top Model – Hmm. What draws me to this show? It’s a bunch of girls competing over becoming “America’s Next Top Model” complete with stupid drama and tears. But I think what interests me are all of the different things the girls do. I really like watching their challenges. I like the photoshoots; pretty girls, interesting poses, facial expressions, beautiful backgrounds. And just like most shows, you always root for at least one contestant (Go Heather!) and feel sad when one you like gets eliminated and feel infuriated when The Bitch is still in the running.

The Avatar – The first time I saw it on Nickelodeon, I was thinking, “Ehhh, another stupid cartoon.” But after sitting through an episode I was kind of interested so I tried watching some episodes online. And I love it! I think it’s pretty cute and overall the story is very interesting. Their world is split up into the water tribe, the fire nation, and the earth kingdom. The air nomads are nonexistent, with the exception of Aang, who is the only one left. Without the Avatar to bring peace to the world, there is chaos and war.

A Shot at Love with Tila Tequila – I know, I know. Who watches that stuff, right? It’s kind of a new concept though. There are always dating shows for bachelors looking for women OR bachelorettes looking for men, but what about looking for both? It’s the first time I heard of a show for a bisexual girl. As progressive as America is getting, there are always things that are new. And although she is selling her body, at least Tila is making a step forward for Asians for modeling, television, etc. Gooo Asians *waves flag* haha. The only thing that bugs me is the fact that Tila makes a big deal when there is drama. What else does she expect? It’s a TV show and a contest for Tila’s love. Hmm, I don’t really know if she’ll find her soul mate through a contest, but it does make for an interesting show!