The Avatar: Book 2 Chapter 2 – About six minutes into this episode, it actually brought a genuine laugh from me. haha. Zuko’s uncle is such a great comic relief.

“Its leaves make a tea so delicious…that or it’s the white jade bush, which is poisonous. HMM…delectable tea (*cue peaceful music*)…or deadly poison (*cue dangerous music*)…”


“Remember that plant I thought that might be tea?” asks Uncle Iroh.

“You didn’t…” says Zuko.

“I did, and it wasn’t.” says Uncle Iroh. “When the rash spreads to my throat, I will stop breathing. Oh but look what I found! These are known to cure the poison, that or will cause blindness…”

Ah, I love it. Lazy and stupid uncle, who really is very wise but likes to keep that side hidden.