If I had to choose right now, I’d say I really want to go to Scripps College. It just bugs me how my mom won’t even let me apply to it because it is a private college. I heard that you may get more financial aid if you go to a private school because costs are higher. You never know till you try… Plus, she was the one who wanted me to go to a women’s college (even if it’s for all the wrong reasons).

Whatever. I’m going to apply. I might not even get accepted. So I guess I’ll just ditch my planned applications for Pomona and Chapman then. Since my mom is already saying no to just one application, I doubt she’ll like three. Scripps it is. This sucks. I feel like I have what it takes to be accepted, but when I think about other applicants, I’m not so sure anymore. But maybe it’s just because many stats are skewed since schools like to make themselves look good. *shrug* I guess I’ll see soon enough.

Bleh, as always, I wish I did this earlier. I wish I had time to think and do more research. Honestly though, I really had no idea what I wanted before and now as I’m started to get it, it’s almost too late to apply. At least I won’t have any regrets with the UCs…I practically applied to all of them.