I feel pretty content right now, after a well-spent day.

I felt well enough to go to the Rose Parade Decoration for Key Club. I didn’t get much sleep though. I was ready for bed by 11:20 PM, but then as I was lying in bed I kept remembering things and got up to do them. When I was finally truly ready to sleep it was already 12:15 AM. Then I woke up at 3:30 AM because I heard my dad walking up the stairs, brushing his teeth, and showering. From that point on I got no more sleep. We were supposed to be at the bus stop by 5:30 AM so I left around 5:10 AM.

I felt so bad waking up my dad. I don’t know why he slept at 3:30 since I told him I needed a ride at 5 in the morning. I guess it doesn’t really matter to him since he can come back home and sleep later I guess. Maybe his nocturnal-ness is hereditary? lol. That, or he and my brother have just taught me by example to love nighttime.

I dressed in four layers. Three shirts, one warm jacket. I also wore a scarf, boots, and tights under my jeans. Christine gave out hand warmer packs for a dollar. I loved those things. Seriously, if I ever go to the cold again, I’m getting those. Despite my many layers, it was still really cold when we got to Pasadena. It was somewhere in the 30 degrees. It made me realize how much I don’t really want to move to somewhere cold. Who knows, maybe you get used to it though.

Hmm, so the decorating. Yeah. Basically for the whole 10 hours, or whatever it was, I was cutting flowers. Cutting, and cutting, and cutting. They got me excited when they said we could paste the flowers on the floats for a change, but apparently they didn’t need us anymore, so it was more cutting. By the last hour of being there, we are all sick of flowers and tired. The last half hour was awesome though. We were all cutting the flowers frantically, releasing our anger on the flowers, cutting madly, saying weird things, and cheering. We were losing it, I swear. And I loved it. haha.

I was pretty surprised at the fact that we had no chaperon and no advisers with us. It was just all high school students. I think Christine did an amazing job. In the morning she was boiling water for us to make hot chocolate. Before the bus rides she would hand out food. I swear, she had so much. Bananas, apples, granola bars, croissants, water, lollipops. And no one got left behind. lol. And after we got back she questioned, no, interrogated everyone to see if they had a ride home. Christine is definitely going to do something amazing in the future. She’s such a good leader. If anything, she’ll be the best mother, haha.

Yep, so I got my 12 hours of community service in a day. Pretty good, but seeing as I need a lottt of hours for NHS and community service not sponsored by NHS is cut in half…I still need many more.

I would say my favorite parts of the day were the crazy last half hour and the bus ride. The bus ride because I sat with Marty <3. I also had more time to spend with Abby, since I don't see her normally. Once I got home, I ate...and went straight to sleep. I barely woke up at 12 AM. I'm still feeling tired, but I can't get myself back to sleep. I don't want to see anymore flowers for a while now.