Yeah, yeah. I watched this filthy show.

I watched it because it was highly amusing to me. I mean, come on. Bisexual bachelorette. Finding “love” through a TV show. Lots of drama. That has to be good right?

In the beginning, I was thinking, “Props to Tila. Started out with a hard life and ended up okay.” But what is “okay,” really? Using her body and her MySpace to get popular and her own TV show? Really, it’s kind of degrading. She seriously gives a bad name to Vietnamese girls and lesbians and bisexuals.

I think three people keep me from not regretting about watching this show: Ashley, Dani, and Domenico.

Ashley: He is a nut case. No doubt about it. Dude with a countryside accent from Texas. Bought a necklace from Wal-mart as a gift. What I found most amusing was when they played clips outside of the show. He had absolutely no idea what people’s names were. “Rebecca-becca”, “Domen…Dom…uhh…Little Italy guy”, and for heaven’s sake! He had no idea what Tila’s name was, and he was supposed to be “in love” with her. He called her “Teelana” once. Ha!, fun stuff.

Domenico: He was definitely the comic relief. I don’t even know where to start, but he was hilarious. Surprise surprise, he gets his own show now. And yes, he is also looking for love. I doubt he’s going to find it on a TV show, but I’m sure with his personality it’ll be a fun kick.

Dani: Because she was just plain awesome. She was probably the best person out of everyone. Nice, sensitive, caring, good dresser, athletic, blah blah. Firefighter and paramedic for a living, with family and friends who seemed more than awesome.

In the end, it was down to Bobby and Dani. She picked Bobby, of course. And you could totally tell with the last few episodes. Dani always got the short end of the stick. It was obvious that Bobby was going to win, if you compared how Tila treated Bobby with how she treated Dani.

“It’s not about being with a guy or being with a girl. It’s about who’s the best for me,” says Tila. Riiight. I think it’s more about the publicity and money for this girl. I don’t think she’s a bisexual, either. She’s probably a straight girl with bi-curiosity. She probably likes to ultimately be down with guys, but she likes some hot girls to flirt with on the side.

“It’s not easy,” she always says at elimination with a small sob. Cue the rolling of eyes. :roll: Yeah, sure Tila, it’s definitely not easy for you to drop people like hot potatoes so you can find yourself the perfect play-thing as you climb up the ladder of publicity. Who in the right mind would turn to a TV show for love anyway? Only an attention-seeker would, I think.

What’s with Tila? She’s more into making out than being decent. She stated that Bobby was the winner, which left Dani as the loser. Couldn’t she have waited till after Dani left to start another make-out session with Bobby? My gosh, woman. Have some feelings. Then after a few minutes of kissykissy, she realizes Dani walked away and runs after her. She probably only did that for the drama and good ratings.

Although Bobby ended up winning, I don’t think they’ll last very long. Tila said herself she has a crazy lifestyle and just wants someone to come home to. How come she wants a lover who will accommodate to her lifestyle, but she is not willing to change her lifestyle for someone she loves? Also, she always made a big deal out of it when one of the contestants were jealous or hooking up with one another. But she gets to make out with everyone else? I don’t know, she just seems really self-centered to me. Tila will probably get sick of Bobby because she wants to keep her promiscuous lifestyle. Or Bobby will get fed up with Tila being so flirty with every man—and woman.

Oh, and I forgot to mention that Tila is also a “musician.” Gosh, she puts musicians to shame. Her “music” is not music at all and her lyrics are the lyrics of a no-brain teenager with some bad words thrown in. I wouldn’t listen to her crap if you gave it to me for free. Want a sample of her lyrics from “I Love U”?

You Better Go Down When You Get Wit Me
You Better Realize I Am Wat You Need
You Better Get Here Before I Count To 3
You Better Do Right I’ll F*** You Up

It was probably a good thing for Dani to have lost. She deserves so much more. It just sucks seeing her have her heart broken and it also sucks to know that Tila is just another attention-grabber.

I really need to stop watching reality TV shows. Did I mention that I also watched America’s Next Top Model Cycle 9? That show also sucked. My favorite girl Heather lost and the winning girl actually had some connections with Tyra in the past. Rigged? Probably. But it was a good thing Heather lost because the winners usually don’t amount to anything big.

It’s ironic how the winners are really nobodies and the losers turn out to do bigger and better things? That’s reality TV for you, I guess. Remind me not to watch any of this filth anymore.

/end criticism