Today I spent the first day of the new year with Marty :)

It beat staying at home. By a lot. By hundreds of miles.

Oh, we watched part of the Rose Parade. Ha! We spent 10 hours cutting flowers to help put those floats together. Funny thing is, from far away you wouldn’t even know there are flowers pasted onto the floats. It was cool recognizing the floats we saw last Friday, though.

We also watched Music & Lyrics :) I actually forgot a lot of it because it’s been a while. I love the comedy and the romance, hehe.

His family is very welcoming :P (and huge!). It’s a big difference from my family, since my house is usually empty or really quiet.

But of course, the best part was being with him. Cuddling = me in heaven. It was really nice starting the new year with him. Maybe it will be a good year this year.