Um, yeah. Crap. I am STILL finishing my AP Bio homework. I have come to realize that…I can’t do all-nighters anymore. Well, for anything productive anyway. Mindless things, yes. But homework…no. I get this terrible headache and then I eventually end up falling asleep. It’s terrible! I am no longer completely nocturnal! :(

Oh, and I thought I was “on top of things” when I turned in my FAFSA, but yesterday I realized that I needed to complete a CSS/PROFILE (being the nerd I am I can’t help but think of Cascading Style Sheets) for my private schools. DAMN! I completed it using last year’s tax forms and my dad’s help. Of course…my dad was unsure about a lot of things (can’t blame him. I wouldn’t know our medical/dental expenses yearly, etc. either) so it was a lot of estimating. I hope it doesn’t affect me too much. The whole kaboodle cost me $41. Geez, I find it extremely ironic how I have to pay to have a chance at getting financial aid. Anyway, I sent that in last night. Blah.

On another note…I’ve always wondered. What is the point of doing well in middle school? What the eff! Besides “preparing for high school,” it really does you no good, doesn’t it? I did pretty well in middle school and we had around 5 valedictorians (it was a tie) but once we hit high school it started all over. What the eff? Yeah, random thought I had.