Ah rain. It’s always much colder after it rains. Too bad rain isn’t always followed with sun and rainbow.

A few seconds ago I found myself wishing for more time. Well, I always wish for that, but today I want that extra time to… READ! Shocking, I know. I miss reading. I never thought I’d say that. I’ve been so busy with school and assigned reading (for the past two books assigned I haven’t even had time to read those!). I remember in middle school I used to be excited when I got home because I would read as soon as I put my backpack down. Back then reading was extremely emphasized (heck, we had to do those stupid reading logs where parents are supposed to sign after each session, but we all know both the parents and students are too lazy, so they do it all the day before the sheet is due) and we had a wider choice of books. Sometimes my mom would scold me because I would be reading and not doing my homework.

Nowadays, whenever I’m not doing homework I just feel like going to sleep. So tired.

Ah, how nice it would be to read a book of my CHOICE and sip a cup of hot chocolate and then fall asleep.