Got my first acceptance letter today.

Knox College. Galesburg, Illinois.

I’ve been getting a lot of big envelopes from admissions offices recently, so I didn’t think differently about this one. I actually opened it and read it though, and it said I was accepted! Plus, if I go there I will receive a $14,000 scholarship for all four years. They might give me more if I need and apply for more. I applied as a Priority Applicant, which guaranteed a free application and a reply in two weeks.

It’s supposed to be an Urban school, so it’s not like I’ll be in the middle of nowhere. It’s got neuroscience, exactly what I want. It’s a liberal arts college, also something I want. Small classes, private school. Apparently it’s ranked as 80 on the list for 2008’s Best Liberal Arts Colleges.

I’m kind of sad/P.O.ed at my parents’ reaction. Yes, it’s in Illinois. But it’s my first acceptance letter plus scholarship and I just wanted them to be happy. It doesn’t mean I’m going to Knox… It just means I have a backup plan and I am adding to my possibilities before I make my final choice.

When I told my mom, she asked me, “Pshh. Did you apply to this school?” “Uh..yes mom..they don’t accept you if you don’t apply…” Then she gave me that look that says, “Why the heck would you apply there?” even though I told her before the application was free, plus I am getting a scholarship there.

When I told my dad, the first words out of his mouth were, “Is it for UCI?” “Nooooo. God, the UC’s don’t send out letters till March!”

Why does it have to be UCI? The more my parents push for UCI, the more I’m beginning to hate it. I’ve visited the campus many times and I’ve sat during lecture halls. It’s nothing special. It’s a commuter school. Nobody really wants to be there. Yes, I might be able to save money. But don’t push it down my throat before I even have a chance to look at other schools!