Today I went to see my Higher Education Coordinator to ask her about FAFSA business, but the first thing she asked me was “Did you hear the good news?” And I replied with, “Umm…about Knox College?” She looked at me with a confused look and said, “No, but you got accepted?” And I told her about the acceptance and scholarship blah blah.

Then afterwards, I asked her, “What was the good news you had for me, though?” She told me I won the Chamber of Commerce scholarship I applied for! Three people from my school received it, me being one of them :) It’s $500-1000. Not counting Knox, it’s the first scholarship I’ve gotten. It kind of gives me hope, because all this time I’ve gotten zip.

I told my parents, and one of the biggest concerns of my mom was: “Oh, that’s all.” But after I told her about being one of the three at my school, she said she was proud of me. I wonder if that’s true. I explained to them the scholarship obviously didn’t pay for tuition, but it will pay for books at least.

Oh, and if you haven’t figured out by now, another one of my mom’s biggest concerns is **drumroll** “It’d be good if you get a scholarship to UCI” :roll:

*shrug* So my quest for free money continues.