Disappointing, at the least.

I think I waited for a year or more, waiting for M. dot Strange to finish the movie and then release it to the public. The trailer was so different and captivating; I couldn’t help but anxiously wait to see the entire film. I loved how TATU’s “30 Minutes” song was remixed, too. I never really listened to TATU before, but I think the music in this trailer made me listen to them.

I must say though…the trailer itself is much better than the entire film. I think it’s because the trailer was short, to the point, and weird. The movie, on the other hand, dragged it out for way too long.

The only parts I was interested in were when Blue met M, when Blue was talking to some monsters about M, and when we learn about M’s past. The rest…you could fast-forward and not feel as though you missed a thing. In fact, you’ll be glad.

The entire time I thought I might get a seizure. So many repetitive flashing lights and repetitive moving scenes. It got annoying when the camera would zoom in at Blue’s face and for a long time she would do the shifty eyes thing. Some music was cool, but I’d say about half of it gave me a headache. The graphics were amazing, but it didn’t make up for the rest of its flaws…

I would have given it a two thumbs up IF the film was cut shorter (no repetitive scenes and mindless crap). This film doesn’t really have much of a plot, which made it tedious to watch. Although some people would argue that this movie is “different” and “stretching the bounds of movies,” I might beg to differ. I think it’s on the right track, but honestly, I doubt there are THAT many people who want to watch mindless and flashing clips…. Sorry M. dot Strange!

Note: hehe @ 1:22:00 :wink: