I feel oddly disappointed when I don’t take that many pictures at an important or memorable event.

Today was Winter Formal. Maybe it’s because the dance was an hour shorter, or because I didn’t bother to carry my camera around everywhere. Dunno. I’m excited to see my buddy picture / couples picture though! They were professionally taken so hopefully they’ll be nice. I’ll have to wait a few weeks or something to see them.

My mom did my hair <3. It took her about two hours. Technically, it's my first updo with my hair fully up. I don't know if it's because I'm not used to it or if it's because I just don't look good with updos, but I think I look better with my hair down. Maybe it's because updos make me look older. I don't know. But it was really pretty. My mom was beaming proudly at her work of art, haha. First I went out to dinner with Mart, Abby, Jessica, and Jocelyn at Claim Jumper. We split dishes between pairs (since a full dish is huge), and it was yummy (especially since I didn't eat all day). As I went to the bathroom, I ran into a girl who asked me if I was going to Winter Formal. Haha, I think she was going too. Afterwards we headed to the dance. Mart's mom was supposed to take him and me...but apparently she changed plans and we had to find our own ride. Jocelyn's mom drives a huge van though, so we lucked out. When we got there the first thing we did was take pictures. I learned my lesson from last year. Taking the pictures at the end of the dance = bad. You're all disheveled and the photographers start to clean up already. Afterwards we mostly danced. We had one trip to the karaoke. Rested here and there at our table (my feet started getting numb / hurt after a while). My dad took us home (he came right when I started going out of the building too!). Annnd here I am. I feel bad about not spending enough time (actually, I almost spent no time with her) with Jazmin. Winter Formal is partially our bonding time, since we don't really get to see each other otherwise. But plans changed so late notice and we just got separated at the dance. She was supposed to come to my house early so she could get a ride with me, but she found her own ride and I went out to eat dinner instead. Then at the dance, I was with her briefly, but once we were on the dancefloor, I think she got bumped out of the crowd and disappeared. And unlike last year, she's not with me right now, having our routine sleepover. I don't know, I'm pretty sad about that. I wish we could spend more time together. On the other hand, I did get to spend more time with Marty. He was a really good date. I am still "mad" at him for sneaking a pay attack on me (he paid for my dinner *and* our picture). My time spent with him is always precious. I hope my other friends had fun. I took out all the bobbypins in my hair, but there is one rubberband left that I just can't take out. I already took out one, and it snagged a bunch of my hair (ouch). I dunno, this feels weird. I feel...different, for lack of a better word.